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British Overseas Voters Forum

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Why the Forum

British citizens living overseas have a great deal to offer the UK.

Many are helping British companies invest and export and bringing investment to the UK and generally promoting Britain

Many are paying substantial taxes to the UK government. This includes income tax such as on pensions, taxes on property such as on rental income stamp duties, and of course VAT.

Many are sending substantial sums of money back to the UK, one good example being for the support of elderly relatives which also alleviates the burden on the NHS and the UK Government.

Those who choose to move overseas to retire substantially reduce the burden on the UK government, for example reducing the cost of providing health care and many other welfare benefits.

Up until now the interests of British citizens living overseas have been somewhat neglected, and in some important areas, they are being substantially discriminated against and treated very unfairly.

This has to change.

To promote the active and positive engagement of British Citizens who live overseas in the affairs of the UK and in particular:

⚫ To explain, encourage and assist Overseas Voters in the registration process and in the choice of postal vote or proxy

⚫ To campaign for full and effective voting processes and dedicated overseas constituencies  

⚫ To campaign and lobby for change in areas of significant unfairness being experienced by British Citizens living overseas

⚫ To research, debate and discuss any issues that the UK government has responsibility for, or influence over, relating to British citizens living overseas

Forum Objectives

Other Important Information about the Forum

The Forum is a UK organization

It has a United Kingdom registered address and will be compliant with UK regulations at all times. Some of the Trustees are UK residents.

Forum is not aligned to any Political Party

It will lobby all politicians and political parties and will run specific campaigns to advance its

Geographic Representation of the Forum

The initial geographic thrust of the organization has been towards Asia but it is now gradually building more globally. It currently has members and supporters across all continents of the world.



Key Issues

The important issues that make it vital that Overseas Voters organize themselves collectively.

Frozen Pensions

500,000 Frozen UK State Pensioners - not receiving the annual Cost of living/Inflation adjustment.

Full Participatory Voting Mechanisms

Failure by the UK Government to Provide its Overseas voters with a secure and timely voting mechanism.

Better UK government communication with Overseas citizens

UK government departments in some cases are relying on communication methods that are antiquated and do not work.

Access to UK Bank Accounts

Forced Closure of UK Bank Accounts for UK Citizens who have moved overseas.

Overseas Constituencies

Recommendation for a better way to provide Representation for UK Overseas voters.

Rights of British Citizens with Overseas Spouses

Rights of British Citizens with Overseas Spouses.

Discriminatory Housing Loan Interest

UK Government regulations forcing banks to charge discriminatory interest rates to expatriates on their housing loans.

UK University Fees for Overseas Based Students

A review of this area for a more reasonable solution.


Country Co-ordinators

Other Key Supporters

How we can help you
& you can help us

We can help you

Voting Registration

We are pleased to be able to provide guidance in registering your vote and explain which parliamentary constituency you will fall under when the next general election is called.

We can keep you informed

Relevant Information

We are pleased to share the information we obtain and in particular
commitments made by political parties and  MPs and candidates in their designated  constituencies about the issues  that affect overseas voters.

Apply for Membership

Become a Member of the Forum

We encourage UK Citizens to take up an annual membership of the Forum for a Fee of GBP 30 per annum or equivalent in local currency. 

Your contributions are important for:  

  • Undertaking research and developing policies for adoption by the Government.

  • Rallying British policy makers and influencers to our cause.

  • Running discussion forums around the world to raise awareness of our mission.

  • Creating an effective social media campaign.

  • Making a clear case for overseas voters to have a greater voice.

To register for help in the Voting Process, more information generally, or to apply for membership 
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