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Key Issue

UK Government regulations forcing banks to charge discriminatory interest rates to British Citizens
overseas on their UK housing loans


The UK government is apparently forcing UK banks to charge additional percentage interest rates to UK Citizens who have a mortgage on their property in the UK once they go overseas. This is in addition to any risk premium the bank feels it should price in. Again this is apparently due to an agreement that the UK government has made with the European Union post Brexit to restrict what UK banks can do with overseas customers in order to obtain certain rights in Europe for UK banks and financial service providers, something that has happened because of Brexit. The UK has therefore traded this new requirement for an ability for the UK financial service providers to do business in Europe in other areas.

What the Forum says

This Forum needs to properly research the issue with the banks and with the government. The UK Banks and government must be forced admit to what is going on and any discriminatory practices must end.

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