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Membership & Supporters

Please use the form here to register your interest in being kept up to date with the work we are doing to support UK Citizens overseas.

You may also use this form to register your interest in becoming a full Member of the British Overseas Voters Forum.


See below for Full Membership details.

* Postcode will help us determine which Parliamentary Constituency you will have the right to vote in after the upcoming boundary changes.

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Membership Explained

Annual Membership Fee

Membership Fee is set at 30 pounds a year which is both the initial joining fee and covers annual membership to the end of the calendar year and then is the annual fee on a calendar basis thereafter.
A facility exists to collect the fee in equivalent local currency in some countries.

Why You Should Join

To put it simply, the more active members we have the more we will be able to influence the decision makers in the United Kingdom.

Benefits of Membership

You will be able to join active discussions in your country and internationally on the many issues that concern British citizens overseas. 

You will have opportunities to engage with policy makers in the United Kingdom.

You will  have access to a substantial members library of information on key issues.

You will have an opportunity to network with a group of concerned British Citizens.

Above all else you will have an opportunity to make a real difference to affairs back home in the United Kingdom.


The Forum is signing up Members (officially registered supporters) in return for an annual fee.

The Forum requires an impressive and long list of Members spread across many countries in order to have the necessary lobbying power.

However, complete confidentiality of members details will always be observed and while Directors for the membership as a whole and country committees for membership in the specific country will have access and members names which will never be made available to other members or any outside bodies or organizations unless authorized by the member concerned.

Please use the form above to register your interest in becoming a full Member.

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