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Important Info

General and Legal

See page below for important information regarding the organisation's political alignment, legal status, residence, and more.

London City

Non-Alignment to any Political Party

The organisation is one which will lobby all politicians and political parties and will run specific campaigns to advance its causes.

It will treat all political parties objectively and provide independent assessments of where individual MPs candidates and political parties stand on the issues that affect British citizens overseas. 

It is worth noting that currently no political party is unequivocally guaranteeing to support the unfreezing of British Pensions and no recent governments whether Labour, Conservative or the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition have taken any steps to rectify the situation.

It is also worth noting that, due to the First Past the Post election system, voters are often voting tactically for a candidate and Party that they believe stands a chance of winning in a particular constituency rather than their first-choice candidate.  Therefore, the knowledge of where individual candidates stand on particular issues, and their likely chance of winning in the voters own constituency, is very important.

Geographic Representation of the Forum

The initial geographic thrust of the organization is towards ASEAN and to the wider Asian region with the intention to gradually expand to a wider geographic area in due course.

Residence of the Organization

The organization has a UK registered address and will be UK Compliant at all times.
Guarantors and Directors are all British Citizens.
Some of the Directors are UK based but the majority are based overseas.

Legal Type of Organization 

The organization is an unincorporate organization at present but is in the process of being set up as a Non-Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee. The founding Guarantors will also be the founding Directors of the Company.  

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