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Forum Objectives

To help voters register

Objective A

On 16 January 2024, ‘the 15 year rule’ which prevents UK citizens who have lived abroad for over 15 years comes to an end, and all British Citizens who have once lived in the United Kingdon will now be able to vote in national elections and referendums. However, the proc The Forum will hold public meetings and provide other explanatory documents and information to assist British citizens in the registration process.

To Campaign for full and effective voting rights and dedicated representation for overseas voters 

  1. To persuade the UK government to introduce effective means of voting in UK National elections e.g. through the use of embassies and electronic voting.

  2. To press for the introduction of parliamentary constituencies designated for people who live overseas, such those as enjoyed by French and Italian citizens.

Objective B

To campaign and lobby for change in areas of significant unfairness being experienced by British citizens living overseas

Objective C

  1. To end the indefensible situation whereby approximately 500,000 out of 1.1mn British Pensioners living overseas have their pensions frozen at the monetary level that their pension first becomes paid.

  2. To end the situation where UK banks are being required to close bank accounts for British nationals who currently live overseas.

  3. To end the discriminatory situation where UK Banks are being forced to charge higher interest charges on property loans if the owner has moved overseas.

  4. To persuade UK government departments to adopt swift and modern forms in all forms of communication for those living overseas.

To research and debate any issues that the UK government has responsibility for or influence over that relate to British citizens living overseas.

In this case with a view to ultimately campaigning for changes should it be felt that there are strong and convincing cases that will benefit people living inside and outside the United Kingdom.

Examples of these areas are: 

  1. UK University fees payable in respect of children of British families who move to live overseas. 

  2. Rules for granting visas and citizenship to foreign spouses of British citizens, in place of the current system that appears to unjustly penalize British citizens who marry foreigners.

Objective D

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