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Key Issues

The important issues that make it vital that Overseas Voters organize themselves collectively.


Frozen Pensions

500,000 Frozen UK State Pensioners - not receiving the annual Cost of living/Inflation adjustment.


Access to UK Bank Accounts

Forced Closure of UK Bank Accounts for UK Citizens who have moved overseas.


Discriminatory Housing Loan Interest

UK Government regulations forcing banks to charge discriminatory interest rates to expatriates on
their housing loans.


Better UK government communication with Overseas citizens

UK government departments in some cases are relying on communication methods that are antiquated and do not work.


Full Participatory Voting Mechanisms

Failure by the UK Government to Provide its Overseas voters with a secure and timely voting mechanism.


Overseas Constituencies

Recommendation for a better way to provide Representation for UK Overseas voters.


UK University Fees for Overseas Based Students

A review of this area for a more equitable solution.


Rights of British Citizens with Overseas Spouses

Reform of rules for granting visas and citizenship to foreign spouses of UK Nationals who initiallymarry and live overseas or move overseas later.

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