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The Information Hub is a dynamic and collaborative platform designed to provide Key Supporters and Members with tailored resources and information. By accessing and using the Information Hub, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Access Levels and Registration: The Information Hub utilizes indexed data with access levels programmed through G-Drive. To gain access, you must provide the Information Officer with the email address associated with your Google Account. Access to information will be tailored based on your geographic location, ensuring relevance and utility.

  2. Resource Availability: If you require access to specific resources not readily available on the Information Hub, please contact the Information Officer. Efforts will be made to make the requested resources available, subject to their existence and relevance to the platform's objectives.

  3. Contribution and Sharing: Members who have developed resources beneficial to their local area are encouraged to share these with the Information Officer. This facilitates the creation of adapted versions for broader applicability, enhancing the collective resource pool available to all members.

  4. Feedback and Improvements: We welcome corrective feedback and suggestions for improvement. Please communicate any proposals that could enhance the effectiveness of specific resources or the Information Hub overall to the secretary.

  5. No Deletion Policy: Members agree not to delete any documents or resources from the Information Hub. The platform is a collective repository intended for the benefit of all users.

  6. Procedure for Accidental Amendments or Deletions: In the event of an accidental amendment or deletion of any resource, members must immediately notify the Information Officer. Prompt action will be taken to restore the affected resource from a backup.

  7. Compliance with General Terms: Your use of the Information Hub is also subject to the general terms of use available at By accessing the Information Hub, you agree to comply with these terms in addition to the specific conditions outlined here.

Agreement to Terms: By accessing and using the Information Hub, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions. Your cooperation ensures the Information Hub remains a valuable and secure resource for all members.

Thank you for your commitment to our shared goals and for respecting the principles that guide the use of the Information Hub. 

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